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    Can SlingBox Pro work with newwatch.slingbox.com?

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      I just resurrected a SlingBox Pro in an attempt to watch some TV before I run new cabling to connect HDTV displays in different parts of the house, but now I am stuck in an endless loop:


      Following the details regarding how to get past the "stuck at 25% updating" for the old Pro (My Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD software update stops at 25 percent! What should I do?), I updated and configured the unit using the Windows version of Slingplayer Desktop, though the last step for Setting up Internet Viewing had an issue when it lost connection to the Slingbox.


      I reconnected using Slingplayer Desktop for Mac 5.0.92 and seemed to be able to finish the configuration, confirming PVR type and remote functionality, and getting through all the setup steps to the end, where I expected the Slingplayer Desktop app to then allow me to watch TV through the app.


      Instead, when I get to the end of the configuration, the only option to watch is "Watch TV on Browser" - when I click that, I get redirected from "watch.slingplayer.com" to "newwatch.slingplayer.com" and the viewing screen I expect to see appears for a brief moment, and then I am redirected to setup.slingbox.com, which tells me "Sorry, we do not support setup on browser any more," and that I need to download Slingplayer Desktop to reconfigure or set up my Slingbox.


      Is there any way out of this loop? I know this model is so old Sling does not want to think about it any more, but the article:


      Slingbox.com - Which SlingPlayer software works with my Slingbox?


      indicates that I *should* be able to watch using the web site, now that I have configured the Slingbox Pro.


      If anyone can help with the tip, as to whether or not a Slingbox restart or any other trick can get this going, it could save a good couple of months of lost viewing if we can use this while cabling is installed for direct set-top box connections.


      Keeping hope alive,