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    No Power


      My sling box is getting no power. I know the outlet is good, because I pluged in somthing else and it worked. Had the sling box since December and have not used it for a long time. What could be the problem?

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          Sounds like I wrote this. My HD player went out this weekend also. Power from the plug is good but the unit wont power up.

          Can anyone help with this?

          The slingbox site is not user friendly on any information on contacting them for a warranty return. I cant find email or phone #

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            Hi kchustz & cadarlow,


            We understand the power issue that you are experiencing and that you already checked that the outlet is working properly. This could be caused by the power supply that is faulty and it needs to be replaced. Have a look at the announcement at the forum's main page that says:


            Having trouble with your Slingbox power supply?



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              I recently had the same problem.   Box is less than 90 days old and has worked in past w/o problem.   My outlets are fine and all connections are correct.  When I unplug the slingbox and later replug it in, I get power for about 10 seconds and all lights shut off.  Called tech support and they shipped me a new plug. When I used the new plug, same result as before ... Powers up for roughly 10 seconds and then power goes out!  I also tried resetting the box but this did nothing.   Is the box dead?  Tried to talk to tech support tonite but "no agents were available to talk" ...


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                  Hi Drlucca,


                  We are really sorry to know that the issue persisted even with the new power adapter replacement. In all case, I encourage you to give us a call as soon as possible. We will apply some troubleshooting steps that will allow us to determine if the root cause for this situation is a faulty Slingbox. The following link will provide you with the contact information. Just make sure to check the available options on the right hand side of the screen:


                  Contact Sling Media Support



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                  Anyone get a final resolution on this issue? I also had a Christmas box that has been working great up to 4/5, but died on 4/6. No power no reset, not much help by the slingbox site. If its power supply I will just grab another, easier for $20 than deal with hours of online searching.

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                      Brandon.Sling Apprentice

                      Jeff, we hope you've contacted us since you posted this, but on the off-chance that you're still having a problem - just call us! We want to help.

                      US and Canada customers, call 1.877.GO.SLING. For other countries, you can find the correct contact info here.

                      Be sure to note the manufacturer of the Slingbox AC power supply (the wall adapter) when you contact our support agents - it will say either "Ktec" or "V-INFINITY". Having that information in advance will help us serve you better.


                      The Sling Support Team

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                      I had the V-INFINITY power supply. Contacted chat - they were not able to fully help me, but did refer me to the same number that the forums moderators mentioned above. They quickly offered to replace the slingbox under warranty and at no cost. Definitely a good idea to call that number immediately if you have an issue.