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    Cisco DTA50 and controlling Slingbox remotely


      I was linking my Slingbox through an old VCR and now have a DTA50, as per Rogers Cable who are removing anolog signal soon. I  can remote view, with sound, but need to change the channels manually at  the VCR/TV. My problem seems to be that the TV does not have A/V  inputs, so that's why I was using the VCR, as it does. The current  configuration is cable-in to a splitter, where it goes to the TV on one  side and on the other to the VCR with the Slingbox's IR controls. The tv is secondary and not used much, so it can be "taken over" by the Slingbox if necessary.


      I've checked the forum here and else where unable to use their suggested solutions, so far. As  mentioned above I think the main issue for the TV is the lack of a set  of A/V inputs, so need a bit of a work around, likely changing the VCR  to a digital recorder, but not sure if that will work. Aside from  perhaps buying a new TV (unlikely) or a digital recorder to use as the  Slingbox local "controller" (if that would work), so I can view  remotely, does anyone have any suggestions?


      Thank you.