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    One of Slingbox lights went out for no reason

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      Both of us in the household were away in Malta over this past week for Easter and for some reason the Slingcatcher could not catch any transmission BUT it worked through Slingmedia.com. HOWEVER the next day it started to work for like 30 mins and then it went out. We resorted to other methods to watch other programs. The third day we tried again and again it worked for 30 mins and then it went out. Not giving up I tried resetting the Slingbox by remote but kept getting the error message that the Slingbox at home wasn't in the network i.e. Slingbox not on. Then we tried logging out and logging in again, checking for software and plugin updates and at some point while being logged on the logged on ID turned out to be someone else's. A Mark Fowler. When I backed the page it was back to our login. The name Mark Fowler kept showing a couple of times. Is there a chance that the network could have been hacked?


      When I came home yesterday, I found out that one of the twin lights on the Slingbox was not on. Now HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN? It's like you HAVE to have someone where the Slingbox is to physically restart and I think that really destroys the whole idea of remote watching doesn't it??????? I can assure you that our cable TV operator, the electricity supplier in Stockholm were not down during the period we were away.


      With all these problems, I'm not sure I dare recommedn this to anyone.