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    Reset Not Working



           I have a Slingbox Pro-HD.  I forgot the Administrator password and I want to reset the slinbox back to factory defaults to reset the password.  I held the reset button in for 5 seconds and it looked like it reset.  The power and network lights came back on, but the Slingbox upside down U is slowly flashing bright, then dim, then bright, over and over again.  And when I try connect to the slingbox, it is asking me for the Administrator password.  I tried unplugging the unit for 30 minutes and that had the same results.  I also plugged it back in while holding the reset button and again, same results.  Can anyone help me get my Slingbox back to factory defaults?



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          Hi shlepr,


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox PRO-HD since you cannot reset the unit.


          If you are not able to reset the Slingbox, this issue might be related to a faulty power adapter. I recommend you to give us a call as soon as possible in order to apply the required troubleshooting steps. These steps will allows us to determine if you own a faulty power adapter.


          Contact Sling Media Support


          Just make sure to use the tools available on the right hand side of the screen.