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    Streaming issues again W202


      I had a month of good viewing (after numerous complaints). Now Slingbox is acting up again in the Germany community.  The connection works for 1 minutes, then craps out.  After numerous complaints to Slingbox last month, (they blamed everyone else, especially the internet provider), I was finally able to view TV.  It was NOT the provider.  Now we're back where we were then....NO TV!!!  HELP.  This is a consistent problem for international viewers.  This is not a product that can be considered reliable.  Corporate needs to be involved with this one.

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          I believe there was a slingbox system update that took place last week, and believe this may be the reason you were "knocked off" the network. I too am experiencing not being able to connect (living in Europe), and have yet been able to resolve it. I think any configuration settings you previously set need to be reset from your host site (where the sling is actually located). Hopefully if you do this it will be fixed. Mine is in the states so I need someone else to do this for me.


          Also, in my experience it is the actual host site's internet speed that is the issue, so again in my case in the states. If the cable/internet provider isn't providing enough speed or others are using that same host network then sling has issues.


          Good luck.