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    Slow Streaming speed


      I originally posted a few days ago that I was having trouble getting above 120 kbps stream speed, even though I have high speed internet (25/15) at both locations.  I believe I have found a solution, at least its working for me.  When opening the player, it defaults to the "Auto" mode for picture quality.  When I do that, it only goes up to 120 kbps, and I get audio only.  I tried switching to the "minimal" setting, and it gradually goes up to about 1200 kbps, then I switch to the "Best" setting, and goes all the way up 4-5 mbps, and is a great quality picture.  Do not use the "Best HD" setting, at least for me when I do that, the stream speed drops back down to 120 kbps.  Sounds like a software problem the hopefully will be fixed soon.  Good Luck.