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    Comcast and Receving slingbox signal


      I've been unable to receive a slingbox signal on Comcast.  Every other Internet provider it works with but not my high speed Comcast for some reason.  Comcast are as unhelpful as ever effectively just saying it is slingbox's problem not theirs.  I suspect it is something to do with how Comcast manages its bandwidth that is not compatible with Slingbox however again Comcast just say they use standard industry tolls and do not block any ports. 


      I was hoping that switching to an iPad rather than PC may work but the slingbox APP can't pick up a strong enough signal on any wifi system I use. 


      I can get a signal on the PC via another wifi but that is not high speed and the picture quality is hence rather blocky.


      Has anyone come across a similar issue with Comcast and been able to resolve it?