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    Latest firmware (2.1.250) makes remote control impossible


      Good morning everyone,


      Last week I had the firmware updated to 2.1.250 when loggin into my Slingbox and now I just can't use SlingPlayer to remotely watch it anymore. Using the same router with no configuration changes whatsoever now produces a timeout with error 0x8007274C when I try to connect.


      Why I use this Player? Because it's the only one I'm aware of that allows me to specify an IP address to my SlingBox.


      Why I use a player: Because I don't want to be hooked up on SlingMedia's servers being around, it has a much better interface than IE's player.


      Does anyone experiences the same? I've found some topics about rolling back a firmware update but would rather not go this route if at all possible.


      Thank you very much, guys!