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    Asus Transformer and Slingbox issues.


      I have Slingbox installed on my Asus Transformer tablet. Inside my house, everything works great. When I'm at work or at a coffee shop, I can't get it to launch. It says, "Connection Failed. Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the internet". Of course, it's already connected as I can go on my browser. I just can't get Slingbox to launch.  Need to know if I need to do any type of set up at home on the Slingbox itself.

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          I don’t know if this is the answer but in the UK a lot of places block video but let you on the net.

          They use some kind of filter to stop you using the Slingplayer as it takes up too much bandwidth.

          Can you try it at a friend’s house not a coffee shop and see if that works.