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    Slingbox just quit working


      It all worked perfectly for 7 months.  Now I get  "error in connecting your SB  Make sure SB is on and is connected to network".  The power light is on and the network light is on.  The router indicates there is a connection.  There have been no changes to the setup.  I have unplugged both the SB and the router and powered them back up.  I have tried to run the set up again.  It says your SB can not be located.  This is the first time I have tried to use my SB in 3 months.  I have tried both computers and my windows phone.  None of them work.  What do I try next?

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          I have a similar problem. When i go to the  website  slingbox.com  to stream video, it initializes and then starts  to stream perfectly. Then in a couple of minutes the picture freezes and goes  black and I only have sound. This happens on 4 computers and in safari  AND firefox AND chrome. However 2 of those computers have the old icon  for slingbox -- the one you click on and it goes immediately to  streaming. The icon works perfectly and keeps on working !!! But the www.slingbox.com    doesn't. Tech support has been very  UNhelpful!!!!


          As for your problem -- I understand you can push reset   to reset the slingbox and thay MAY help

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            Hi tmoore107,


            It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox PRO-HD since although it shows solid lights, you are not able to locate it on your network.


            Most of the times, this issue might be related to a wrong OS and web browser version combination. With this in mind, I encourage you to check the following link in order to determine if your computer meets the requirements:


            What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?


            Hope this helps!