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    iPad app support for Echostar


      Bought the app to view  my Echostar but it doesn't support it.  Any plans to provide support for the Echostar ... Or any chance of a refund



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          I guess there's not going to be a reply!






          It clearly says:


          • iPad
          • iPad 2

          Device Requirements:
          iOS version 4.2 or later
          SlingPlayer supports streaming over 3G or Wi-Fi
          Requires the latest iOS, SlingPlayer & HDS-600RS software update
          At least 15 MB free memory is required on the iOS device to install the SlingPlayer
          See related document below for network speed requirements



          But else where it says that you have to use the iphone app on a lower resolution for the HD enabled Echostar.  So what are slingbox doing giving links to an expensive app that doesn't work with the product in the way promised?



          And I cannot see a cost-free downgrade path to the iphone app - so I would have needed to shell out for two apps.