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    Can't log in. Password incorrect when it's not!


      Hello there,


      For the last week i'm having problems connecting to my slingbox. I can't log in as usual, because it keeps asking my password once and again, saying it is not correct. And it is correct, i'm 100% sure, it's the same i used since the first day and i typed it hundreds of times. For example, this same password works perfectly to log in on my slingbox web account.


      This happens when i try to watch it in my slingplayer, slingplayer mobile for ipad, chrome browser... everywhere.


      Long time ago, it happened the same problem for 2 or 3 days, but suddenly the problem was fixed all alone. I thought it was some kind of slingbox server issue and didn't mind, but this time it's taking longer and doesn't seem to get fixed.


      Any thoughts? I really could use a hand here, my wife can't watch her japanese doramas and she's ******...


      Thank you very much in advance