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    Pro HD remote not working since move


      Hi Guys,



      I've got just a quick question if I may.


      I have recently moved to America having up sticks from Guernsey, Channel Islands.  I bought a Slingbox to keep up to date with my shows back home.  Now, I tested the system before moving and all worked fine.  But ever since I moved here I seem to have lost the ability to control the Sky HD system set up at home.  The image has not been effected at all, just the remote.


      Now I know there are several tests which you can do to check the hardware but as I said, all was fine 4 days ago......


      Do I have to install a custom .BIN file now that I'm stateside?


      Details of my system are;


      MODEL NUMBER: R003.047.25.00P
      VERSION: 4F31A7

      Slingbox is up to date



      Any help will be greatly appreciated!  Really don't want to miss the footy this weekend! ;-)