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    I have a question and I apologize if it has been asked before.


      I have 2 Sony DVPCX995V Changers. These are 400 disc changers. I also have a Slingbox HD. I used this for two years (07-09) while stationed in Germany. The virtual remote allowed me to go to FOLDER view to see all the discs in the changer and select from there. I just tried the new online player and the virtual remote is missing all these useable commands. It used to be in the Custom remote # 19-24. These allowed quick and easy access to the discs in the chnager.

      Now the remote does not have any of these commands:


      Disc Up

      Disc Down



      Is there any way to get these comands back?

      The alternative is to call or email home to ask my wife to change the disc at the player.


      I have gone through the set up several times, but it doesn't help.

      Because these players are not in the database, I am using the DVPCX985 codes, which DID work previously.

      Is ther another way to get the old remote codes back?


      Help!?!! I am going back on th rad and want to be able to access these changers.