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    My Kbps is like 380 and the screen is black




           I'm running the SlingPlayer on my Mac 10.4.11 system to control a Slingbox AV:


      Slingbox ID: C9D8F7F851FF144DA3521D331E19A513
      Slingbox Software Version: 1.2.12
      Slingbox Private IP Address:
      Slingbox Port: 5001


          this used to work fine but now I see that after it connects and says "streaming", the Kbps is ~300-400 and the screen is black (no tv picture, not even a bad-quality one). I have an Apple 802.11n router (fast) so there's no reason it should be this slow. Can someone help?


      thank you,


      Mike Levin

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Mike,



          Sounds like a problem with your source.  I'm not saying anything is broken, but from your description the Slingbox appears to be working normally.  I suggest you start by verifying what your source is feeding the Slingbox.


          Streaming at a low speed like what you mentioned is normal if the image being sent is very simple with no motion... like a black screen.  As soon as image complexity increases, so will streaming throughput.


          That said, I would expect the Weak or No Video Signal Detected message and possibly even slower streaming rates if the source was sending absolutely nothing and/or the Slingbox wasn't processing a video feed.  As it stands from your description, I think the source is sending a signal and the Slingbox is encoding/transmitting it.  It just happens to be a blank, black frame.




          A few things to try and check:


          - Are you sure SlingPlayer is set to the correct input ?  It probably is, but doesn't hurt to check.  In Slingbox > Video Input you can flip between Composite and S-Video for your Slingbox AV.


          - Are you getting audio ?


          - Are you using HDMI anywhere else in the overall equipment loop ?


          - Try using a TV to check the same source, cables and connection type.  Any changes ?




          Any other details or clues you can share might be helpful.



          Hope this helps,


          - Az