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    Slingcatcher is useless?


      So i have had a slingcatcher in my bedroom for some years now which has been working quite well until sometime this winter, when it said it could not communicate with the slingbox anymore due to a network error. I really did not get why though cos the network light was lit, and the box was working fine on both iphone and computer.

      Now this was bothering, but i didn't actually use the bedroom tv so much i never got around to do something about it. And everytime i wanted to go to bed with a tv series or something, i just plugged in a usb stick and watched what i wanted, until yesterday...


      So i decided to do a hard reset of the catcher to get everything to the way it were. I did it, the catcher downloaded some new hardware, and i continued to log in, but the same problem remained, with just one addition: now i cant even use the usb sticks to watch my .avi files without having to convert them or something. Now i don't guess there is much to it, but this really ****** me off!


      Is this thing now totally useless? Does Slingbox even sell these type of things, cos i havent seen any. AND what am i supposed to do? Is there a way to change it back to the way it was before i did the reset?




      Anyone else have this problem??


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