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    Audio only mode!


      I have slingbox pro and was wondering why there isn't a audio only mode?

      In many cases (iphone/ipad) want to be able to listen to news channels our espn etc. especially while in the car and don't want/need video.


      This would require much lower bandwith and would be a fantastic feature.


      When you want to watch the video feed just click a button. Would be nice to have it as option on remote or easy to find button to click so as not to need to reload station/reset etc..

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          ekbsrk Newbie

          Yes PLEEEEAAAASE Add this feature!

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            It will be 2 years since I first made the request for audio only for Android devices in the General Questions area, and my post still shows up first after a search on audio only.  Since then many others in the forums have made the same request (asked, pleaded, begged) to no avail as recently as April, 2012.  When I first made the request, IOS devices could operate in audio only mode, but Android devices could not.  Now I cannot find it even on my iPod Touch or iPad 2, so the situation is even worse than before.  Originally I made the request mostly in order to be a good citizen since I am on Verizon and have had an unlimited data plan with no extra charges as a consequence of using video even though my phone is in my pocket when I take my daily walk and just want to listen to morning TV news shows instead of watching them.


            Two things have changed for me since I originally ssked for the feature.  I have changed to a Moto Droid Bionc with 4G and 4G service is now available locally so while I can get better video, it costs even more bandwidth.  On one day last month I used 355 MB although I usually use around 30 MB on the days when I use the Slingbox.  I am sure Verizon would prefer that I cut down on this amount, and so would I.  Second, Verizon is widely rumored to be doing away with the grandfathered unlimited plans so it is likely that soon I will have to be much more careful with bandwidth use or suffer the financial consequences of going over my limit.  Therefore, I renew my request for the Android and IOS Slingplayer option for audio only with even more vigor, and I hope that Slling Media will do the right thing for those of us who have patiently asked for the feature and for the Internet in general to help keep down the natural growth in bandwidth use that ever increasing use of video streaming, a  lot of it from Slingbox use I am sure, causes.

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                Thanks for the input and still amazing they haven't answered as to why and when this will become available.


                This is just unacceptable feature not to have, especially with all the data plan cost and the amount of bandwidth slingbox uses.


                When you pay the high cost for both the iphone and ipad app and don't have this option I strongly suggest other users don't buy the App!


                Come on Slingbox team and fix this big hole in the prodcut offering!!!


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                I'm a long time Slingbox owner and have used my original Slingbox device with both video and in "audio only" mode for years on laptops and Palm OS devices (before the WebOS debacle). I've recently added a new Slingbox 350 box and appreciated the improved quality when connected to my network but didn't find it all that useful away from home due to lousy upload speeds. I've also purchased both the iPad and iPhone Slingplayer apps and realized they are missing the "audio only" mode ... making them less attractive when traveling or on 3G networks.


                My question is the same as others: "Why no audio only mode for those times video is difficult to receive or those times we are running on limited or high priced data carriers?"


                Add this simple request to the REALLY need to have list please.