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    Once more on screen remote control problems.


      We have a slingbox pro hd and are experiencing persistent problems with the remote control. It has worked previously, so we know that we have the right remote selected, but we are currently unable to change channel and access the tv guide. The volume and mute buttons do currently work ok. We have recently replaced the IR cables and the remote functioned properly for just over a week, but not any more. We have also been through:


      1/  Read this first if you have an Issue with the On-Screen Remote Control



      2/ Advanced IR Blaster
      or Onscreen Remote Control Troubleshooting


      Nothing works permanently.


      This has been ongoing for some time now if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.


      We are viewing on a PC and also a slingcatcher.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          You can ignore the fact that the volume/mute buttons work, they are 'highjacked' by Slingplayer to control it' own volume and are never transmitted to the device.   I suppose the actual IR transmitter inside the Slingbox might be falling, but I know of no way to test that apart from checking with the digital camera.  The only other thoughts are the IR blaster placement might be a bit off so your device isn't receiving the full signal, or maybe ambient light is interfering ?  Does it work if the room is dark ?