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    Vertical Lines in Video viewing




      I am currently getting a problem while viewing video through my Slingbox and SlingPlayer v2. As you can see from the attachment, I get vertical lines through the video, which almost makes it unviewable. I agree that my streaming rate is quite low (342 Kbps), but this is not the reason for the vertical lines, as when viewing through another laptop it is fine (i.e. without lines).


      I am sure it is something to do with my laptop in particular maybe my Graphics Card, but not sure what. Any advice on what the problem could be or what I could check?


      My laptop is HP EliteBook 6930p, and display adapter is Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


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          Denis247 Newbie

          What's the spec of the laptop that gives better pictures ? & operating systems


          Have you tried the web player rather than Slingplayer,

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            ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

            Hi Neale,



            Have you tried watching on that laptop from the same network as the Slingbox (over the LAN instead of remote viewing) ?  If so, do you have the same results ?



            Picture 1.png

            I think your sustained transfer rate is the problem.  The picture you included looks like normal artifacts caused by low-bandwidth streaming to me.  You mentioned better quality on a different computer though, so there could be more to this.  That's why I asked above how things look when viewing over the LAN- bandwidth shouldn't be a problem under those conditions.  Hopefully the comparison will help you isolate the problem so you'll know for sure if it's got something to do with how your laptop is rendering video.



            Regardless, you might have some luck playing around with the manual streaming parameters.  The automatic settings are quite good, but there's no harm in tweaking the settings to better suit your conditions and personal preferences.  Have a look here:






            Hope this helps,


            - Az

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                Thanks ArizonaSackbut and Denis247 for such quick replies and suggestions.


                I have tried the Web Player and I still get the same funny lines. I have also connected via the LAN (with 1,500Kbps buffering) and it still has the same lines, so I am convinced it is my laptop. The stupid thing is that it is a highish spec new laptop. It has no problems running DVD's, downloaded files and stuff like that. The other laptop works fine ableit a little blurry, but no lines at the same buffering rates. Ahhhhh?


                Thanks again for your help.    

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                Denis247 Newbie

                Are both laptops running the same operating system ?, I have noticed some people running Windowss 7 have reported problems. And what slingbox do you have ?