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    Transfer iPhone App to iPad


      I bought the slingbox app for my iPhone.  I sold the iPhone and bought an Android Phone.  So, I paid another $29.99 for the Android App.  Now, I bought an iPad.  Can I transfer the iPhone license to the iPad?  To have to pay another $29.99 for the iPad license would really bum me out and does not make sense since they run on the same platform.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Yes,  Just install it on your iPad, assuming your iPad uses the same Apple ID as your iPhone, then run it in x2 mode.  It won't give the extra resolution of the actual iPad app, as that is a different program that utilises the extra graphic capability of the iPad to give a better picture.   But being a different program (even though it happens to have the same name) you would have to purchase it.