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    SlingBox Gone Faulty... what next ?


      Dear All,


      I have two SlingBox's and purchased a new one in February. It has been working fine and I have been very happy with the device but.... It's gone faulty on me. From a week or so ago (I don't know exactly when, I was overseas at the time), the red network light no longer glows (obviously suggesting it's lost connectivuty) and the sound output no longer works to the attached TV (the video works fine).


      I have tested the Lan port on another device and it works fine so it's not my network, cable etc (the addition of the loss of sound suggests the device can gone sad). When I attempt to connect I get the error code W200 which tells me I have a coinnection failure. I have tried re-configuring the box to no avail (no communications with the box). I am operating within my home network so there should be no forewall issues (particulalry given it was working fine two weeks ago).


      Any advice on the next steps would be gratefully appreciated. Does anyone know how waranty returns work with SlingBox please, particularly as I am in Australia.


      Many thanks & best wishes