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    Reset slingbox to factory settings but no Internet connection


      I installed a new Internet provider and new router and modem.   I reconnected the slingboxes (2) and had service for a few days then the internet lights started flashing and have been ever since.   I have cleared the ports in the firewall and have performed factory reset on both devices.  I have also tried connecting to router thru different cables and ports.  I have connected the Ethernet cable from my dish recieved which works to the sling box and still no connection. What caused. Both to stop working within the same hour. 

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          With a new ISP, new modem and new router, both the external and internat IP addresses probably need to be reset.   I would do a hard reset of the SB (holding in the reset button on the back for at least 10 seconds), then rerun the SB setup program at setup.slingbox.com from a computer that is connected to the same router that the SB is connected to.   Then, you might need to reboot lthe modem, router, and SB (by disconnecting their power cords) one more time to see if everything works correctly lagain.