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    sling accounts


           I currently have a sling account with my sling av.   I'm upgrading to a pro hd soon.    will I have two accounts (one for each slingbox) or will I have to de-activate the av so that the pro hd will work.   I can install the new pro hd on another dish dvr with hd tv but didn't know if this would be possible.    Also,   how compllicated will it be to set-up my wireless panasonic camera to the sling pro hd as well.    Thanks for the help.   cliff

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi cwk8358,



          will I have two accounts (one for each slingbox)


          Nope.  One account, two entries in the Slingbox Directory... unless you would prefer to have two accounts and choose to start a new one for your Pro HD.  It'll work either way.  You can add/remove as many Slingboxes as you like to one account in the Directory.


          Have a look here for additional information on Sling Accounts:



          As for your Dish DVR, the Pro HD should handle that as a video source the same way your AV did.  Setup procedures should be very similar too.  You mentioned HD... I recommend that you avoid HDMI when you hook up the Pro HD.  It has a tendency to cause signal loss headaches due to the HDCP copy protection scheme built into the HDMI spec.  Use component cabling to the TV instead.


          I don't understand what you're talking about in regards to the wireless camera.  If it behaves as a source that was compatible with the AV, it should work with the Pro HD.



          Hope this helps !


          - Az