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    iPad not working away from home?


      Hi, I've set it all up with sb solo while at home and it worked flawless great picture and everything worked but now that I'm away I can watch on standard picture but with not let me watch on auto. If I put on auto it just buffers none stop.. The Internet connection here is better than my home connection so I thought it that there would be no problems.. I get 3 green dots and 830 to 850 on streaming on auto so it should work yes? Could there be a problem with the router here may be? At home it worked on all picture qualitys and was very happy with it. I can not watch it on standard as I have it to watch footy and it's so choppy and fuzzy can't even make out where the ball is lol.. If I turned it to auto pictures great but buffering.. Need help as I'm away for the month and can't be without me footy...