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    Mapping network drive manually?



           I have been trying for some time to connect my sling catcher to be able to see my media directly off my laptop over the network rather than using a usb to view my media... currently i have be just using a media player on my laptop and using the projector software but it is to much of a hassle especially when pausing and stopping media. My laptop is in a different room from my tv so this makes it difficult.


      What i want to do is map a specific location on my pc so that i can see all the media in the SlingCatcher. I have all folders shared right now and it still wont connect. I have gone and tried the manual map but it always asks for a user name and password which is not really required. I am using windows 7 and have homegroup setup and all folders seperetly shared to anyone who is on my home network...


      What can i do?