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    2 slingbox tuners - 1 has clear picture the other has fuzzy picture


      Hello.  I have 2 slingbox tuners SB220-100; one I use actively and the other is my backup.  The tuner that I currenlty have been using produces a clear picture inside my home network.  The problem as of late is that the picture gets fuzzy and will sometimes show the programming from an adjacent channel instead of the channel that I am currenlty on so for example I am watching food tv on channel 51 but the content from channel 52 American Movie Classics is shown instead - and then after a while I will lose the picture all together and just hear static with no picture - very weird!  I had this problem before in the past and narrowed it down to a bad power supply so I bought a replacement slingbox tuner and took the adapter that came with it and paired it with the original slingbox and that seemed to fix the problem - changing the power adapter.  Well that problem has come back again so this time I ordered a couple of new factory oem power adapters from the sling website; they should be here by the end of the week.  Sounds like the power supplies go out all the time on these things or maybe it's just a coincidence?


      So now, I took the backup slingbox tuner and connected it to my home network using the original adapter from the aforementioned scenario above that I thought was bad but everything is working fine except for the picture is much fuzzier than the original slingbox tuner.  I am using all the default/auto settings as I had used before with the original slingbox tuner but still getting a fuzzy picture.  I tried playing with the settings by increasing the sharpness of the picture to no avail.  Are there any other settings I can try to sharpen the picture or do you think I have a bad tuner?  By the way, everything else is the same - same network, same upload/download speeds, same isp provider, etc.  Only thing different is the tuner.


      Thanks for reading my novel.