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    Error Connecting to slingbox. please try to reconnect


      I have a slingbox solo. I have had it for three years.  Installed a new router last week, and since it has stopped working.  Here are the things I have done.


      1. Reset Slingbox at least 10 different times.

      2. Turned off ALL virus software, spyware.

      3. Essentially turned off Firewall

      4. Reduced browser security to lowest, allow pop up blockers, etc.

      5. Uninstalled and re-installed Windows Active X 3 times.

      6. I have made it passed the password issue by leaving the name as My Sling Box and hte password is:  admin

      7. for the connecting to video, it is hit ormiss, I start to see video, it asks for my remote and in midstream it drops the connection.  I have been watching my internet light and as soon as I hit next for it to detect the video, the red internet light shuts off and I lose the connection.



      Please help!  I am at a loss as to what to do next.  The original issue started with saying I was entering in the wrong password, but obviously got around that with the admin admin tactic.

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          I have had the "exact" same issue with my Slingbox Solo.  I recently updated my internet from AT&T DSL to AT&T Uverse(which came with a new router: 2WIRE) and since the switchover, I have been unable to configure my slingbox; during setup the connection to the slingbox is dropped.  I too have found that I can bypass the initial problem of the setup by entering the password into my slingbox as "admin"; before doing this I entered my previous password and always got an error message that referenced me having the incorrect password.  I have reset my slingbox several times also with no luck.  Is this a cmpatibility issue between my Slingbox Solo and my AT&T Uverse internet or is my slingbox just getting ready to die?  If anyone can help with this issue I would be eternally appreciative.  Please post a reply or contact me directly at cimbus@yahoo.com.  Thank you in advance.

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            Hi bakpakgirl and cimbus,


            It seems that both of you have some issues with the Slingbox SOLO since when setting it up you get some password related issues.


            This issue could be related to a compatibility issue between the Slingbox and the Operating System version in use on your computer (web browser version in use, to be specific).


            I recommend you check first if the Operating System and web browser versions in use are included on the supported list. You will be able to find this information through the following article:


            What browsers are supported by Watch on Slingbox.com?


            Hope this helps!



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              I opened several help tickets with Slingbox and repeatedly they have told me to use a seperate PC to try to connect.  I have successfully conned to my SOLO in the resent past and it apparently is connected to my network (successful ping) but during Setup the SOLO cannot be found.  I've used Mac's, (Chrome, Firefox and Safari), Windows 7 64bit (IE 9 64bit), Windows 7 32bit (IE 9), NONE of them can see the SOLO and all three tech support individuals have been unsuccessful with their assistance.  I've also connected direct and via wireless....still no success. I use Slinglink but I've also hooked up without Slinglink to test the connection. ....still no success.


              Anyone here have any idea what is going on with my system?  I've used Slingbox for several years and this is the first time I've had issues with the connections.


              I've tried everything I know and everything that Slingbox support has suggested...unsuccessfully.


              Lenovo x220, WIN 7, 64bit, IE9,

              ATT Uverse, 24Down speed, 3 up

              all connections are successful and stable.

              all lights are on