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    I am unable to connect to my slingbox, from outside my home


      It gives a message,  "We detected very poor Internet connectivity or a loss of Internet connection. Please verify that your Internet connectivity is working fine before retrying. Do you want to retry?"


      Which Internet connection it is referring to? I have a very good internet connection, right now.


      I am not sure where to look for the internet connectivity.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          this refers to the complete pathway for the internet connection from your SB through your router, through your modem to the broader internet network, then to the modem where the computer with which you are watching the programs that you are slinging is located and the router connected to that modem and then to the computer on which you are viewing the slung images.   I count at least 5 possible "segments" in that pathway from slingbox to viewing computer.   In my experience, it is usually the third one in that sequence of links -- that is,  from the modem to which the slingbox is connected to the modem to which the viewing computer is connected -- is the most troublesome.


          If you have no difficulties watching from INSIDE your home where the SB is located, then that pretty much eliminates the first link as the problem, since the router in that instance is most likely connecting the SB directly to your viewing computer via a local area network, and none of the other 4 links are involved.