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    iPad app not working with Slingbox Pro. No upgrade discount?


      Hi all


      I recently purchased the iPad app for £20.99 but was horrified to discover that it would not work with my Slingbox Pro. The app stated that I could get a discount on a Pro-HD box, but the URL did not work for me (I live in the UK.)


      Are SlingMedia not offering UK buyers a trade-in discount for an updated box to allow me to steam content to my new iPad??

      I already feel I've wasted £20.99 is there any way to get a refund from Apple for this app? However I'd be more happy to buy a SlingBox Pro-HD if Slingmedia would offer me a discount.


      Many thanks.


      P.S I could not find the support email address on the SlingBox web site, they seem to make it really difficult to find!