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    Slingbox Android 'Verizon Hack' to V-Cast???

    infinitempg Newbie

      Had my HTC Incredible and my old clunky Slingbox Classic for years and years without a flaw.  Incredible incredibly started falling apart so I upgraded to the Motorola Razr Maxx as soon as it came out mainly for the battery.  Installed all my apps but never ran Slingbox Player.  After a few days was having flaky problems with my wifi not connecting and after many, many, many minutes with Verizon tech support it was determined it was hardware.  Great.  So I waited for my newer new phone.


      Finally arrived, put in the simm card and the sd card and fired it up and activated it.  Was preparing my list of apps to install when I noticed there was a bunch of stuff running on the phone.  I looked and all my apps were installing by themselves, I assume some new backup feature.  All i had to do was to re-set up my icons.  Everything fine.


      Today we're at a baseball spring training game and it was also on TV.  We saw a play that was contested so I figured I can fire up Slingbox, tune in to my DVR and replay the play.  Got some loooooong video ad for Slingbox with animations and stuff saying I could watch TV on my phone, tablet or PC, blah, blah, blah.  Then it asked if I wanted to REPLAY or INSTALL.  Install what?  I already had SlingPlayer on my phone.  I tried it again and gave up. 


      When we got home I fired it up again and after the SLingbox video ad I hit INSTALL to see what it was going to.  I was surpirsed to see it was trying to get me to agree to terms and conditions for some Verizon V-Cast store stuff and didn't have a thing to do with Slingbox. HUH?  So I cancelled out of that, went straight to my application manager and did an UNINSTALL on Slingbox.  Went back to the android store (now Google Play), found Slingbox (and it said PURCHASED beside it) and installed it. 


      Now when I clicked on it, it simply asked for my email address and password and started playing my Slingbox!


      So what the heck was all that V-Cast stuff I was getting dumped in to?????   Didn't seem to be on the up and up.


      Anyone else experience this?