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    Wi-Fi or Internet?


      When you are connected inside your own home (network) does the slingbox use only the wifi connection or does the complete signal go out to the internet and then back into the house to my laptop or tablet (depending on what I am using.)


      I ask this because COMCAST is now putting limits on the amount of internet bandwith that each household account can use. It is currently set at 250gig per month, but I can forsee that if every slingbox use generates both and outgoing AND incoming stream, then that 250gig could be eaten up quite quickly.


      I recently purchased a Slingbox Solo which I love, but as my wife prefers we have no television in the bedroom, I can get away with watching some programs late at night on my tablet. For that I use the Android App, but I also have a netbook where I utilize the slignbox.com player...


      So.. are we just using the house wifi ... or are we going out and coming back in to view programs..


      Ahh.. the complexities of the world..