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    new power adaptor?


      i think the power adaptor to my slingbox died.  anyone know best place to get a new one?


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          I just called Sling Support.  After turing down the request for a $30 consult fee, the manager said they would send out a new power cord.


          It is on the way so I don't know if it will work, but from the forum it sounds like a likely fix.


          Good Luck.

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            Hello pforbes75,


            As I understand, you need a replacement power supply. You can purchase a replacement part using the Online Store. However, we will be able to send you one, as mentioned on our web site:

            Announcement:  Having trouble with your Slingbox power supply?


            Just call us! We want to help you fix it.


            Go to this  page for Sling Support Contact information:



            Check the contact widget on the right side for the appropriate toll-free number for your area.