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    Odd whiteout / overloaded white problem with a UPC box


      I've a UPC cable box (non high-def, so only two scart outputs on it), which is then hooked up to my Slingbox Classic.  For about 80% of viewing, everything is perfect, picture is as good a stream as I sould expect over a network, but often enough, I get this problem if there's too much white or some intense white on the screen.  I've attached an example of the most irritating affect of this, watching a game of football when one side of the pitch has sun on it, and the other doesn't.  It's really irritating, if a player runs to the corner, or if the camera moves just to the sunny area, and adjusts it's contrast, then we're back to near perfect picture.


      The affect is similar to when you are too loud when recording on a microphone and you get that scratchy effect.  I've tried messing with all the Slingbox settings, but no matter what I change in terms of brightness, saturation, hue and the like, you can still see that problem on the screen.  I have reset the box, but the problem is still there, any ideas how I'd be able to fix it?  

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          Hi seaders,


          We understand the video issue that you are experiencing when you connect to the Slingbox. You can modify the video settings on your SlingPlayer 2.0. The Slingbox needs to be running normally; then, click: Settings> Setup assistant> Picture & Audio Settings. There you will find the options that you are looking for.


          I also recommend to confirm if you have the same issue if you connect a TV to the UPC box using the same video/audio cables.


          Have you tried to connect to the Slingbox using Watch at slingbox.com? Do you have the same behavior?



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              Hey Fofo,


              Thanks for the answer, but none of it has helped.


              First off, with the Picture & Audio Settings, I'd played around with that quite a bit already before this thread, but with no joy.  It only has some minor display adjustments, but none of them affected the quality of picture coming through.


              As for your second point, how can I do that?  The input into the Slingbox ends in a AV Headphone jack, so I can't actually just plug it into another device.  It's coming from a scart plug and that's fine when it's plugged into any other device.  What I have done though, is have the output going into the TV and that's perfect.  As is the Analog input going into the Slingbox as well.  The *only* time I've seen the display being affected is when I'm trying to view the 'Composite' input through a PC viewing the Slingbox.