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    Lost power adapter


      Lost AC power adapter for Slingbox Pro - can i buy at Radio Shack and if so, what voltage etc.??

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Donaldjaco,



          Sure, you can pick up a new power supply at Radio Shack or the like.  You can also get one from SlingMedia if you want to go that way.



          You have the Slingbox PRO, correct ?  The power supplies are not universal across all models, just want to be clear on that.



          For the Pro, here are the specs from the User Guide (pg. 11):

          Picture 1.png


          You can grab a PDF copy of your manual here if you don't have one:




          Here's a link to the SlingMedia shop page that has your power supply:




          Take your Slingbox with you if you decide to go shopping for a new power supply in person.  You'll need to match up the barrel plug size so you get the right one.




          Happy trails,


          - Az