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    High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HBDCP)


      Just hooked up the slingbox pro for the first time. Problems trying to watch the football on my IPAD over 3G. Despite the quality not being great, the big problem is the error message that appeared across the screen preventing the display of the football.  The error said that beacuse my device did not have HBDCP I was unable to watch.  Can anyone help?





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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Are there any HDMI cables connected to your TV -- such as to the Slingbox or to the cable box?   If so, that may well prevent your Slingbox from sending HD signals over the Internet to your iPad, due to implementation of the provisions of the HD digital content protection scheme.   Your alternative is to replace all HDMI cables in your system with component cables (red-green-blue for video and red-white for audioo).  Transmission should then work.   Do note that sending HD video to your iPad can require a couple gigabytes of data per hour of viewing --- your Internet service provider may limit the amount of data that you can send per month, or throttle back your transfer rate considerably after a certain amount of data transfer.   My ISP limits transfers to 250 gibabytes per month, but I've never come close to that level.