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    Slingbox for IPAD and Apple TV


      I bought the slingbox for IPAD, Slingbox Solo, and Apple TV.  I can display to apple TV but whenever I try a remote command the apple TV screen freezes.  I then have to switch the picture back to the IPAD and Then back to the Apple TV to get it to unfreeze.  Can anyone suggest help with this issue.

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          Hi GREG@MERILLI.COM,


          As I understand, you have issues when you use the remote control when streaming from the iPad to the TV. It's necessary to confirm first, that you are using one of the supported ways to connect the TV-Out feature on your iPad:


          • The Apple Digital AV Adapter


          • The Apple Component AV Cable


          • The Apple Composite AV cable


          Please note: Video out via AirPlay is not fully supported at this time. If you are using this type of connection, we recommend using one of the supported ways to attached the iPad to the TV.


          Video out only works with the Slingbox PRO-HD or Slingbox SOLO.It's a must to install the latest firmware on the Slingbox. If you're not sure which firmware version your Slingbox has; have a look at the following article for more information:


          How to get the latest Slingbox firmware (internal software) for your Slingbox



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            I have the same problem with a YouSee Samsung (SMT-3106) box. The remote which is an exact replica of the original remote works wonderfully on the Ipad screen

            but when the Apple TV is used for  display  the picture freezes when pressing 'guide' , 'menu' or 'OK'.


            So this bug is confirmed.

            Hope that Sling corect this bug.


            Peter Hindersson