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    Slingbox lights




      I hope someone can help me. I lost my SB connection months ago and have now returned home and am trying to get my SB working again.


      I have carriedout the hard reset many times and still my PC is unable to connect to my SB which is sitting right next to it. I have reset my home router also.

      My SB is getting an IP address now, which it wasn't to start with, and when I run the setup on my PC it tells me that my SB is unconfigured but it will still not connect to it.


      Both the POWER and NETWORK lights are on. However the 8 upside down U lights are on also, flashing from dull to bright, which I don't remember.


      I DO NOT have a TV signal into my SB at present, as I was wanting to get to see my SB on my home network first as router and SB are quite far apart.


      Hopefully someone can throw some light on what is wrong with my SB, I'm oping it is not toast.


      Thanks in advance for any help with my problem.


      PS Any recommendations for a good wireless router? One that will work with my SB or new SB (if required) and my Sling Catcher which I hope to setup correctly this time before I leave again. I've had it sitting around now for about 9 months, not being able to connect LOL.

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          Hi Joides,


          I noticed that you are not able to connect to the Slingbox locally. Since it is detected on the router, the issue might be caused by a security setting on your computer.


          I recommend you to follow the instructions on this link:


          I can't connect to my Slingbox when I am at home


          If the issue persists, you might want to try to configure the Slingbox with another computer. Let us know if it worked.



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              Thanks for replying Cristina.


              I actually used Windows Slingplayer v2 and I was then able to see my Slingbox on my network and set it up. Using the Internet version of Slingplayer seemed to be my problem. Once my Slingbox was setup using the old Windows Slingplayer desktop software everything worked fine.


              I also had to install the old software to get my Slingbox working on my parents network, because when I moved it to the parents house I had the same problem with not being able to see my Slingbox using the Internet version of Slingplayer.


              All is now well with the world and the family can now watch the VOICE in the Philippines

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              I am glad to hear that everything is working fine.


              Enjoy your Slingbox!