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    Component Video Switcher...?


      Since the Slingbox Pro-HD has only one component video input, I wondered if anyone had used a component switcher to enable one to have multiple HD component video inputs, and be able to remotly control that switchbox (maybe put that remote in the SVHS input or whatever).


      My ultimate goal (reachable?) is to have at least two HD component inputs, the first from a DirecTV DVR (running now, works fine thanks), and an additional HD Component input from a Popcorn Hour C-200 (untested as of now, just got the remote codes for that from here and will have to make time to test that out in a day or so, after rewiring things) but it 'should' work.


      But I'm suprised that no one has done this, or at least hasn't written about it on this blog.  I've done a pretty hard search, and only found one mention of a video/audio switcher box, and it was a Component/SVHS/video Radio Shack thing with only one input for each of those types.  I currently have a 6x2 matrix Component/optical switchbox, and would get another box dedicated to this Slingbox switching system, with the outputs from my sources 'multiplexed' with output multipler boxes (one in many out) that does component video w/ audio (Radio Shack has a nice/cheap unit to do that) on each of the two (or more) HD sources.


      If someone can point me in a direction that someone has already done this, there are quite a few threads on folks with either multiple DirecTV boxes or DirecTV/Cable boxes, or some combination, where multiple component inputs would be nessesary (unless they downrez one of those inputs by using the SVHS or baseband video inputs on the Pro-HD box).


      So, any hints?  .Would like to keep things HD on the input... just multiple.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Yes, I have done this feeding a ROKU box and a DVD player into the single component output on a Solo, although purely as a technical exercise, as it is not very user-friendly and the wiring is very 'busy'    I used this switch box:




          with a 5-wire component cable running from the DVD to Input 1, the same running from the Roku box to Input 2, the same from the output to the input on the solo and also ran an additional composite 'yellow' video wire from the DVD to the Solo.


          I installed the Roku box on the Component input and the DVD Player on the composite input and setup the IR code of the switch onto the S-Video input.   So to change devices I can select S-Video and select the switch position.  If I want to watch the Roku box I just select Component.  If I want to watch the DVD I select Composite, get the DVD playing and then switch to component to actually watch it.


          So technically possible but a bit of a mess.

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              Yep, but it will work.  The big 'hurdle' was that Sling has the IR codes for this 4-port Monoprice box, I already have a 6/2 port box made by Ampact Acousitcs, bought through Amazon, for feeding component 'stuff' around to my (now) 10yearold Panasonic HD set.  I almost bought a plasma last year but (!) am now waiting for the OLED sets to get out.


              Meanwhile, because of Mr. Slingbox, I'll still be doing component on my main system; jumping thorugh hoops to get my PCH C-200 (media tank plus bd player) and the HR20 DirecTV to co-exist.  I'll have to change things around to 'get ready' for that new switch box from Monoprice , and of course the reason for all of this, the MLB season which is starting right now, and then NFL later on.


              Thanks for the info, I'll be duplicating what you did in pretty short order.  I;ll have to get those codes first and verify as much as I can before ordering up that switch box either today or tomorrow.


              But Great!

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                  alanrichey42 Master
                  The big 'hurdle' was that Sling has the IR codes for this 4-port Monoprice box

                  No they didn't, I had to learn them myself.   And if you do go that route just post a request on this thread and I will post a Custom Remote.


                  When we have an unsupported device I normally go onto the Logitech database and install it on my Harmony Database, but unfortunately Ampact Acousitics isn't a recognised name on the database.


                  Can you make your own remote through http://remotes.slingbox.com ?  That would save having to buy the MonoPrice one.

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                      It's Impact Acoustics, my typing 'slipped', and no, I coulnd't find any reference to it's codes (there are several models, go to Amazon to take a look see).


                      And I'll have to get the Monoprice since I'll need to have two 'parallel' component chains, the existing one to feed the existing display and another to feed the Slingbox.  Each output (the HR20 and the PCH box) will have to have component video/audio multiplers as well (radio shack), that are a single input with 4 outputs so that each 'source' will feed those two 'chains', one going through to the display, the other going through to the Slingbox.  Hopeuflly you can follow my thinking there.


                      The IA box I currently have is a bit on the $$ side next to the Monoprice, as it has a larger switching matrix and also does optical audio in addition to analog.  Plus, I dislike 're-inventing the wheel', so I'll simply try to duplicate what you've done, so I will need the codes (eventually) once I get all the hardware in place (next week).


                      BTW, here is the IA box:




                      It's $100 more than the simple Monoprice box, so that's a no-brainer.  I think the RS multipliers are about $20/ea as well.  So the project has it's pieces, now to get it all together.

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                          alanrichey42 Master

                          Sounds good.   Might as well give you the whole package now.


                          Monoprice.zip has the BIN files and instructions on how to install them


                          Video Switch.spr is a 'skin' I designed for it, amd Instructions.pdf tell youi how to install it.


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                              Thanks for all the info and stuff... I've 'tripped' across several other threads (some going back a couple of yesrs!) but this looks like the way.


                              Part of what I did to make a living in years past was to review for compaines the s/w 'scheme' their product had, and I do have a couple ideas that, if Slingbox implemented, would make what we are doing a WHOLE lot easier.  Maybe when I get all the bits up and running on this, I'll write something up and see if they will take a bite.


                              So, I should be 'up and running' with all this come about next Tuesday or so, basically the biggest part of the wait is for that switcher box.  BTW, the 'display' end of this is an Android cell phone, I've subscribed to the MLB package for several years but last year they dropped support for my phone, got a new one (Samsung S2) a cuople months back, and MLB still won't gaurentee that they'll support it.  So, off to Sling.  Also, it will all come in handy if I can get the switcher to work with my PCH C200 (already have the remote codes for that), which is what got me to go down this route of 'multiple HD inputs'.


                              Again, thanks for the info and such, I'll report back in this thread when I get everything put together and (hopefully) operating!