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    Internet is fast, but occasionally drops low for a moment


      I am wondering, my DSL internet connection normally hums along at 4 MBPS, but occasionally drops to 800 KBPS for a few moments. What will happen with the content I am watching?


      I know I can reliably get at least 700 KBPS with no interruptions. So I want to know, is it worth it to spend the big money and get the HD version, knowing that my connection isn't perfect, or should I go for the SD, knowing that it should work all the time.



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          Hi kumarp,


          I noticed that you are wondering what will happen if you purchase a Slingbox PRO-HD and your Internet connection keeps dropping. I will recommend you to contact your Internet Service Provider, since they can troubleshoot and explain to you why this happens. Regarding the Slingbox's performance, the faster Internet speed you have at home (upload), better quality you will get. With that being said, you might receive choppy video or video quality issues if your Internet speed does not meet the requirements for high definition on a Slingbox PRO-HD.


          Feel free to check the following link for additional information:

          Slingbox PRO-HD system requirements for HD and SD streaming


          I hope this clarify your questions.


          Best regards!