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    Full screen on Notebook not a great picture


      When I enlarge the picture to full screen on my notebook the picure is not good. Isn't the solo HD?

      My notebook is 1080 so it should be good..

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          First, make sure to check what picture quality you have the notebook to display the video in within the slingplayer web app.  Try it on auto and if you still don't get a good picture, it's likely due to a poor upload speed rather than anything to do with your laptop.  What conneciton speed does it show you are receiving on the notebook?  When not in full screen, the bitrate should be displayed right next to where you select the picture quality.

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              I am getting something similar. It works great on small size pictures, but when I choose full screen, the picture is choppy, with lots of freezes on it. it happens on the desktop player and the web player. it doesn't happen on my ipod sling player though. the video is smooth on that one. on the other ones, it only happens on full screen. it shows 8200 kbps at the bottom also so I guess that means I have good connection