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    Boxee app for HDS 600RS?

    jamesmccourt Novice



      I am dissapointed that HDS 600RS customers are still being sidelined with all the new connected devices apps. Is the technology used in this box so different that Sling can't make allowances for us to utilize the SlingPlayer for Boxee for example?


      We have no other way of easily connecting our HDS to our TV's remotely, aside from struggling along with the SlingCatcher which is very good but will ultimately stop working (and is now completely unsupported by Sling), without an alternative to turn to.


      It would be good to get an answer....even if its a redirect to Echostar.





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          jamesmccourt Novice

          My latest reply from Echostar (who own Sling Media!!) regarding the Boxee app for the HDS 600RS.....So crazy they behave as if they are separate companies!!


          Thank you for sending your query concerning your EchoStar SlingLoaded® HDS-600RS.


          We would love to have this extra feature, however there is currently no support/plans of adding this Boxee SlingPlayer app with the HDS-600RS. We will forward your request to our technical department for review.

          New software versions will be communicated via our website: www.myechostar.com/support , so we would ask that you look here for future updates.

          We hope above information will be of service to you.

          Very best regards,
          EchoStar Support Team