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    Picture quality fine but audio 1 second slower


      I am getting a good picture quality on my laptop but the audio is a second or so slow, using explorer latest version. paul

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          Hi pajsh6,


          I understand the out of sync issue that you are experiencing. It's necessary to confirm if you have this trouble only locally, or, if you also have this issue remotely as well. I recommend trying a different computer just to determine that the issue is not related to the computer or the phone.


          We also need to know the upstream connection speed that you have at home and the stream rate that you get when you notice the out of sync trouble. Video/audio quality is limited by the upstream connection available to your HDS-600RS. If there's less than 1 Mbps upstream bandwidth available, you see lower quality.  Bandwidth that's 1 Mbps or higher results in higher quality.


          A slow Internet connection at home can affect picture quality when using Internet Viewing


          Have they tried adjusting from HQ to SQ? Additionally, when first connecting to a Slingbox, it can take 1-2 minutes for the stream to optimize. During this time, you may see that audio/video sync is off.  These issues should resolve themselves when the optimization is finished.