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    Remote and guide dont  take me to correct channel on slingplayer


      I have a Slingbox pro with an Apple iphone 4. Ever since buying the app when it came out it have worked just fine. I dont use it allot but when I do I am very happy with it. Now when I go to change channels it doesnt work right. I push channel 56 and it goes to 5, I go to the guide and push the show that is on 49 and it goes to 9. It works right on my computer but not on the sling player. I have reset the slingbox and set it back up like new and it doesnt seem to change anything. I was going to by the app for my ipad 3 and am not going to so that until I get this fixed. I have made sure the  control things are taped to the bottom of my cable box and with it working on the computer I know they work but not super fast. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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          Hi jetact,


          It seems that you are having some issues with the Slingbox since it does not allow you to select the right channels when using the SlingPlayer for iPhone application.


          The fact that the Slingbox works fine on your computer lead us to think that the issue might be related to the SlingPlayer for iPhone application, otherwise, you would get the same behavior on your computer.


          With this in mind, I encourage you to uninstall and reinstall the SlingPlayer for iPhone application and see how it behaves. If you do not know how to uninstall and reinstall this application, I encourage you to check this link:


          Uninstall and reinstall of SlingPlayer iPad, iPhone, iPod touch


          Hope this helps!