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    Set up for Slingbox classic and a new modem




      I have a Slingbox classic and I am trying to set it up with a different modem (Netgear B90 - 755044 - 15) and cable company (Frontier).  The modem is connected directly to the Slingbox and the Slingbox power and network lights are both solid green.


      When I go to the setup assistant using the Windows SlingPlayer 2.0, I get the following message:

      I believe that I am on the same network as my Slingbox and the cables are plugged in all the way.  Everything is on and I even see the network light on the Slingbox.  I've tried resetting both the Slingbox and the modem but no luck.


      Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!



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          Hello briam,


          We understand that you have issues setting up the Slingbox Classic with your new router. It's important to determine if you get two solid lights after resetting the Slingbox; this means that the unit is getting an IP assigned from the router. I recommend trying to run the Setup at slingbox.com on a computer hardwired to the same router where the Slingbox is connected to; disable the wireless connection on the computer just to make sure that the network is not the issue.


          Have you checked if the Slingbox is detected in the DHCP list on the router?