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    How do I setup a Win7x64 desktop shortcut to the pop up player?


      I just got a Slingbox Pro HD and have successfully connected it to my Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD PVR.


      Everything is working as expected on my Win 7x64 rig although I'm a little frustrated that there wasn't a big warning in the guide advising me about potential problems with TVs connected via HDMI (some PVRs, including my 8300HD from Rogers cable turn off the component outputs if they sense an HDMI connection is being used so you have connect the TV using component video and audio) and that the ActiveX component will not work with the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer.


      Anyway, everything seems to be working as advertised so now I'd like to setup a desktop shortcut so I can bring up the popup player with a single click (or double-click).


      Does anyone know how to do that? I know how to create a shortcut to a web address but that doesn't bring up the popup player.