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    Streaming stops, but remote still works


      First of all, my Slingbox solo, along with my Slingplayer on my laptop has worked great for years. Lately, no matter what hotel I'm in (I travel alot), no matter good the signal, no matter how fast the connection, the video stops after a few seconds. Every time. But... I can hit pause (or any other function) on the remote, disconnect from my box, re-connect, and there's the picture, paused. But freezes again in a few seconds.


      P.S. after about 10 minutes, the video starts streaming again (first time I saw that just now)... for a few seconds, then stops. So..... it can't be a lost connection if I can still control it remotely. 


      With the video frozen, I just hit the channel up button on the remote. Disconnected, reconnected, sure enough, it's on the next channel up. For a few seconds, now frozen again. Very very frustrating trying to watch a hockey game when it freezes every 10 seconds!