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    No power light


      In the midst of moving stuff around I had to disconnect my slingbox SOLO and reconnect it.  However, when I reconnected it, the power light didn't light up.  I checked the power cable on another device (same plug size, same voltage) and it provided power to it (power screwdriver).  I tried the plug from the screwdriver on the slingbox, and nothing.


      Is my slingbox dead and beyond repair?

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          I just had the same thing happen on a SlingBox Pro-HD.  Luckily (I guess) I've only had it less than 90 days so Sling is sending me out a replacement remanufactured box.  I measured the voltage at the power supply plug and got 5.2 Volts and connected a light bulb (6V) to it to make sure it could pull the current and it did so mine power supply like yours is ok.  It is the box!