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    Solo - discontection flashes 6 & 5 times during setup


      I'm haveing problems with a solo which is just outside the 90 days.


      The solo keeps disconecting from the network.


      After doing the troubleshooting - ie power off the router and solo, then a hard reset. I've even moved the box from one location to another so changing the length of the ethernet cable from 5 meters to 1.5 meters.


      Watching the solo box once I've started the setup wizard in sling player 2 (PC) and via Watch.slingmedia.com after a minutes or a couple of minutes the box disconnects and Appears to give an bleep code style error report via the led's on the box.  upside down U led flashes 6 times and the network led 5 times.


      Anyone had the same is this a hardware probem anmd needs me to pay for the single incident support to get the box repaired.?


      Many Thanks