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    Slingplayer Google TV App not streaming HD on HD setting


      I am attempting to stream HD video from home to office.  Home cable broadband is 30Mbps down and 3.0Mbps up.  Slingbox Pro-HD is hardwired via ethernet to router at home.  Have a 50" HDTV at the office and am using Sony NSZ-GT1 with built-in Google TV at the office.  NSZ is connected to the TV via HDMI.  TV supports 1080p.  NSZ is connected to the office wireless network through wireless N at 9.xxxMbps download.  Slingbox loads fine and recommends Best (HD) and I have applied this setting.  Video and audio stream perfectly fine, but the picture quality is TERRIBLE.  Not even close to HD.  Cannot read any text on the screen and any motion, especially sports, is just a pixelated mess.  The picture quality was worse than a standard, non-digital, non-HD signal.  TV is not the problem because my Netflix streams HD quality video to it and it looks perfect.  Thoughts?